Marin TM Ltd & Justice Marine LLC Alliance

Marin TM Ltd & Justice Marine LLC Alliance

Marin TM Ltd and Justice Marine LLC in Louisiana are pleased to announce they have formed an alliance partnership.  This partnership will enhance the business models of both Companies as both Companies have strong project management and Oil & Gas connections.

Clients will now have access to proprietary and state of the art high performance jetting and Hydrodynamic Mass Flow Excavating (HMFE) tooling. These services are underpinned with inshore pipeline jetting and trenching capabilities, collectively to meet the emerging requirements of Clients, for the provision of a bespoke one stop shop solution.

Marin and Justice Marine LLC both based within the US, will have a joint and extensive ability to move forward ensuring and developing a global presence for both businesses. This alliance partnership will see Marin’s tooling deployed onboard Justice Marine’s inland vessel EVO1 to support and provide services to the inland construction and pipeline industries.

Justice marine have extensive experience in Marine engineering utilising a number of barges to complete projects combined with Marin’s tooling will be in a position to offer a full complementary set of services to Oil & Gas, LNG, Non-contact Hydrogen pipeline trenching and excavations, construction and inshore engineering industries projects.

  • Diver Support and Tooling: Maxi Vac, Hydro Vac, High Mass Impact Jet, Mono Jets.
  • Dredging and Material Recovery and placement.
  • Inshore Oilfield Decom Support.
  • Live Pipeline Burial/Lowering.
  • Hurricane Hardening.
  • Port/Harbour Dredging Services.
  • Pipeline Works: Fuel, Gas, Oil, and Cables.
  • Material Transfer Systems: Transfer of soils materials to a location site or subsurface to ensure armour protection   
  • Salvage and Small Craft Recovery.
  • Oyster Bed installation and Restoration.
  • Pumping  Services.
  • Transportation of Bulk Cargo.
  • Pile and Bulkhead Installation.
  • Levee Support and Repair.
  • Marine Construction.
  • LNG Port Construction and Support.
  • Ports and Dock Support with Silt and Sediment Removal.
  • Debris and Tree Removal.

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Marin's One Stop shop decommissioning solution

Marin's One Stop shop decommissioning solution

Marin provide bespoke subsea tooling solutions for the oil & gas, renewable energy and decommissioning sectors. Marin specialist tooling is capable of safely operating in unlimited water depths, considering the environmental concerns from shallow water to deep by applying our EVO or Jetprop systems being 100% water driven.

Our purpose built, patented technology (HMFE) is designed, engineered and is manufactured in-house and can be deployed for commissioning/decommissioning scopes of work and/or inspection, repair, maintenance and UXO scopes of work.

Our unique tooling portfolio includes a ‘One Stop Shop Solution’ to all decommissioning requirements. We offer Excavation, Shearing and Recovery tooling from a single mobilisation/demobilisation requiring minimum crew and deck space.

The organisation prides itself on a strong operational presence in the marketplace with extended capabilities. Marin promotes service when reviewing client’s work scopes, with proven track record within the industry sector to provide the end user with a practical & commercially feasible solution.

Decommissioning Services Provided:

HMFE Excavation Range of Solutions
•    Over 40 years’ experience using innovative excavation techniques.
•    100% seawater operated excavation systems.
•    Unlimited water depth operation.

EVO Shearing solutions
•    90 Second cut @ 30”
•    Gauged 780te
•    Interchangeable gauges
•    Custom Hardened blade design

Marin Evo Grab solutions
•    Pipeline & Grout bag Recovery•    Mattress Recovery.
•    Scalable spread for recovery systems.
•    Modifiable to be ROV compatible hot stab block.
•    Crane deployable with ROV handles for positioning.
•    Tips and tines are interchangeable dependent on target being recovered.
•    Fully Customisable for work scopes.

Please contact Marin to discuss further 01358 722526 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Marin has a proven track record within the oil & gas industry sector, delivering complete solutions on complex projects in the toughest and harshest of locations globally. Marin’s technology is cutting edge with specialists that thrive on solving deepwater challenges.


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